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Lighting decorations simulation



Lighting is basically very important in human life for seeing the world. Currently, the importance of lighting has proceeded into very distinctive extension for completing human’s life. It is said because lighting is not used merely as source of light. It is now used as outstanding decoration if properly designed. 

When it comes to lighting for decoration that requires very detailed customization and execution, it is called lighting simulation. There are many things that the engineer of lighting can do to achieve the most beautiful lighting visualization.

The Function of Lighting Simulation

People imitate or simulate light because they need attractive and customized lighting. The natural light coming from the sun or room usually creates ray trace commonly found in photography. In some extent, this lighting is really great to create dramatic effect in specific situation.

 In lighting festival, this dramatic view is clearly seen. Some structures such as building are then painted by some engineered light. It means that the building will be so much different from what people usually see before festival. Lighting simulation will help the event organizer to have the most dramatic and enthusiastic light by altering the color into something attractive and unique.

Decorative lighting simulation

It okay to wondering around about the lighting. Even though they are not really abstract, defining the beauty of light visualization is tricky. Basically there is a single powerful measurement, and any individual can just justify its existence of beauty. It is all about the naturalness. Some people only know that light only moves in straight lines and unlimited distance.

 It is not totally true because the radiance and the length can be adjusted accordingly. Simulating the light is really essential to make sure the lighting in its dramatic visualization. In addition to just giving color, it is also possible to create images on building by simulating it. The project officer can determine the best images, lines, shapes, and colors for completing the festival. The festival is then enjoyable by all people within the area.



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